Adam Scott to Make ‘The Greatest Event in Television History’ Again, This Time with Amy Poehler

Credit: Adult Swim

Adam Scott made the greatest announcement in television history: he’ll be doing another installment of The Greatest Event in Television History. Scott, who broke the news to Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night’s episode of Late Night, said this time around he’ll be joined by his Parks and Recreation leading lady Amy Poehler and Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz. Jon Hamm (pictured here with Scott in the original), as you’ll recall, died in the first one while attempting to recreate the opening credits to the, er, “classic”  detective series Simon & Simon

Though Scott lovingly described making the first one with his buddy Hamm as “really, really, very stupid” and “a lot of work and a total waste of time,” the actor is, thankfully, making more of them. Three more of them, in fact. The first new one with Poehler and Sanz will air on June 6 on Adult Swim. While Scott wouldn’t give any major details away, he did say it would be recreating another “hourlong show.” Presumably — and hopefully — another unintentionally hilarious drama from the ’80s with a great theme song and even greater facial hair. 

Watch Scott’s official announcement about The Greatest Event in Television History sequel to Fallon (who apparently missed the boat on the first one) and the brilliant original below: 


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