Alfred Molina Will Try to Revive ‘Law and Order: LA’

Alfred Molina Will Try to Revive ‘Law and Order: LA’

Alfred Molina
Alfred Molina at World premiere of 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' at the New Amsterdam Theatre in Times Square. New York City, NY. 07-06-2010

Alfred MolinaWith so-so ratings staring him in the face, Law and Order: LA creator Dick Wolf is pulling out the only weapon he’s got left: Alfred Molina. The acclaimed actor already plays a small part on the waning crime drama as the Deputy District Attorney, but now that producers have canned the detective played by Skeet Ulrich, Molina will take up the post.

Well how are they going to make this unlikely switcheroo? Apparently, unbeknownst to viewers, Molina’s character spent 15 years on the LAPD before becoming the D.D.A. so it’s totally within reason that he’d step down from his post in order to become a detective once again. Right. Well, realism aside, Molina will be sleuthing his way around Los Angeles, leaving Terrance Howard to man the D.D.A. post all by his lonesome; but that was the way it was supposed to be until Wolf got greedy and split the role between the two stars. At least he finally saw the error of his ways, even if it may be too late. “…it was frustrating to have one on the bench every week. It would be like having Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as your quarterbacks, playing alternate games,” Wolf told Deadline.

The show is also giving the boot to Regina Hall and Megan Boone who completed the double D.D.A. team as their assistants and starting the search for a new helping lady. Guys, I know you want to try really, really hard to keep this show going but I’m not sure it’s going to be enough. The Law and Order series has endured 20 years and 4 spinoffs adding up to over 900 hours of television – do you really need to fight this hard to keep it going? I’d say that’s one hell of a run; how about you cut your losses? This is just getting greedy and a frankly little desperate.

Source: Deadline