‘American Idol’: Keith Urban Cops To Crying, is ‘Really Happy’ With the Top 10

Keith Urban American Idol crying

Keith Urban isn’t ashamed to cry. The American Idol judge was not afraid to admit that he was moved to tears as Angie Miller sang during the first live results show of the season.

Hollywood.com caught up with the new judge after the show, and he said the tears were a natural reaction to the passion Miller was feeling on stage. “I looked up and she was welling up and singing,” Urban says. “There’s something about when someone’s trying to get through a song and they’re like that — how can you not respond to that? Whatever she was feeling was coming through her. I could feel every bit of it. The dream was starting and happening.”

Urban has championed Miller throughout his Season 12 tenure, so it makes sense why he would be so moved by her performance. But what about the rest of the Top 10?

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“I was really, really happy [with America’s decision],” Urban says. “There’s some people I wish would’ve gone through, but then it would’ve been, ‘Who would you take out to put them in?’ I think America had a hard job. When you’ve got to narrow down to five guys and five girls, but you’ve got definitely more than five who are worthy of it, then it’s just a numbers game.”

And if you were wondering how Ryan Seacrest‘s awkward backstage announcement of each finalist played out in the studio, Urban would like to assure you that he and his fellow judges really didn’t know who was going to come out from behind the oval screen each time. “We didn’t know any of them were coming out, and I’m glad we didn’t,” Urban says.

American Idol airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM ET/PT on Fox.

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