More ‘Arrested Development’ Character Posters, This Time With Actual Faces — GALLERY

Credit: Netflix

Heyyyy, brother. Yep, that’s Buster Bluth and his sole purpose in this poster is to tug at your most nostalgic of heart strings in preparation for the fourth season of Arrested Development. We’re just about a month away from the full season release on Netflix on May 26, but in the meantime, the streaming site has a few questionably cheesy taglines, including “It’s not an illusion, it’s Netflix,” to get us excited (let’s hope the new season’s writers weren’t involved in the poster creation process). 

Still, it’s fun to return to a Bluth family in the face of change: Michael and Lindsay have new haircuts, Maeby is suddenly a total babe, and Buster, well, those are probably new socks, right? Click the link below to view all the pics!

GALLERY: Every Single ‘Arrested Development’ Poster 

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