Behold! Fantasia Barrino and Chaka Khan’s Catsuits From the ‘Idol’ Finale

Behold! Fantasia Barrino and Chaka Khan’s Catsuits From the ‘Idol’ Finale

Fantasia Barrino
Fantasia Barrino


If your jaw was on the floor when charming 21-year-old singer/Dave Matthews catalog enthusiast Phillip Phillips was announced as the winner of Season 11 of American Idol you either have never watched the show before (America loves its non-threatening, cute Southern white boys!) or it was still detached from when you saw what guests Fantasia Barrino and Chaka Khan were, uh, “wearing” when they performed earlier in the evening.

Barrino, the Season 3 Idol champ, performed a “Take Me To the Pilot” duet with third place finisher Joshua Ledet, but if you remembered anything about that song, kudos to you. The rest of us either sat in a stunned silence or managed to stammer “But what in the…?” or a “How did she…?” or a “Zuh?!” about her black sequined catsuit that left little to the imagination. Whether she was trying to make a bold fashion statement (those slits up the sides certainly screamed “Hello world, here are Fantasia’s legs!”) or simply do something to try to get us to forget about that alleged affair, it worked.

Not to be outdone, funk legend Chaka Khan joined the Idol girls on stage for a “Ain’t Nobody”/”I’m Every Woman” medley sporting an equally form-fitting (is there any catsuit that isn’t?) number. The 59-year-old donned head-to-toe sequins in the brown catsuit with some ample cleavage and sky-high heels to boot. Was this the “something good” she’s been telling us about all this time? 

Who wore their catsuit better: Barrino or Khaaaaaaaaaaan?

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