‘Breaking Bad’ Star Anna Gunn’s 5 Tips for Distracting Herself From the Emmys


Anna GunnAfter four seasons on AMC’s Breaking Bad, Anna Gunn has finally been recognized for her complex, moving portrayal of Walt’s slowly crumbling wife Skyler. Fans of the show might not have been surprised to see Gunn’s name on the list of 2012 Emmy nominees, but Gunn herself greeted the news with trepidation. 

“I answered the phone in a whisper, like, ‘Hello?'” she tells Hollywood.com. “And then I went out of the room and tried to be quiet because both [my] girls were sleeping. But then of course I started making a large amount of noise and they both got up and said, ‘Mommy, what’s going on?’ I said, ‘I just got nominated!’ And then there was a lot of happy dancing in our living room.” If there was ever a moment where happy dancing was completely appropriate, this was it, Anna!

The actual Emmy Awards won’t happen until September 23, which leaves over two months between the announcement and the big day for Gunn and her fellow nominees to work themselves into a hypothetical-filled tizzy. Gunn shares with Hollywood.com her top five list of ways to distract herself from the Emmy speculation and stay sane during the next month… or at least try to.

1. Play with Her Kids

“Basically I’m doing things with my kids, playing with my kids, swimming with them. It’s a good thing anyway, overall, but it keeps me in the moment and keeps me from projecting myself into the future.”

2. Hit the Gym

“Working out is a really good way to de-stress and put my energy into something really active. And I do pilates, I do yoga, I work with a trainer. Bike riding also just always makes me feel good, so I do that alone and with my kids.”

3. Go on Vacation

“Going on vacation. I’m going up to San Francisco, just going to do some touristy things with the kids and spend some time with my family up there. I think that will also be a good way to get my mind off of any nervousness.”

4. Organize

“When I get into the mood, organizing makes me feel such [accomplishment]. It’s such a weird thing! I’ve been going systematically through my house and there are piles of things in my office that I haven’t even looked at or touched in probably a couple of years. Just going through that stuff makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m going room by room; it’s spring cleaning, even though it’s summertime. It’s my version of spring cleaning!”

5. Watch the Olympics

“I’ve been watching the Olympics when I can, and that really pulls you into a whole different thing. That’s been really fun. I got to watch the opening ceremony, which was amazing and epic. And I love the swimming events; obviously everyone is really excited about Michael Phelps and I got to see the 200m race [the other] night. My girls like watching gymnastics with me and stuff like that.”

Like the Olympic athletes we have all come to love this summer, Gunn knows that, win or lose, it is the journey of these coming months that she’ll remember when she looks back on this year’s Emmys. “Bryan Cranston—he’s a great leader for all of us in our cast anyway—but he’s been through this so many times and his advice is just enjoy the journey, because that’s what counts,” Gunn says. “It’s the stuff along the way and being present in the moment and enjoying every part of it and not sort of thinking just about when the night comes and what’s going to happen. And it’s really true.”

Gunn continues: “I do understand now when people say, ‘It’s just really nice to be nominated.’ It really is! Certainly not that you don’t think about what might happen, but I’m not attached to that outcome. I just feel sort of happy to be invited to the party!”  If we had our vote, this won’t be the last time Gunn gets an invitation.

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