Bristol Palin Gets a TV Show

Bristol Palin Plastic SurgeryFinally, Bristol Palin is following in her mom’s footsteps. No, she’s not running for student body president at Arizona State University where she was supposedly going to attend college and where the house she purchased with her Dancing With The Stars earnings is located. I’m talking about her mother’s reality show footsteps; you didn’t really think I was talking about politics, now did you? Instead, the younger Palin is moving out to La-la land (or Los Angeles) to work for a charity and shack up with brothers Chris and Kyle Massey and to capture it all, A&E and the BIO channel are turning it into a reality show. (Though I’d believe it if it turned out that things happened the other way around, if you know what I mean.)

The show aims to show Palin’s move with her two-year old son, Tripp, from Alaska to Los Angeles over ten episodes according to The Hollywood Reporter, but I think that refers to likely adjustment period that comes along with it rather than literally 10 half-hour episodes of a road trip with a two-year-old (because that would be absolutely hellish — they’re called the terrible twos for a reason). Palin is only 20 years old and a single mother and she’ll be taking her son into a brand new environment, so I can’t imagine this show won’t be without some sure-to-be-hyped drama — perhaps something like MTV’s Teen Mom, but Palin style and with more L.A. glitz. The show will air at the end of the year and I’m sure it won’t help her escape media scrutiny any more than going on Dancing With The Stars did.

Source: THR