Christina Ricci Flying High For ‘Pan Am’

Christina RicciWhat do you call a product placement for a product that doesn’t exist any more? I guess that’s not really important, I’ll let some advertising executive worry about that. What I do need to worry about is that Christina Ricci is in negotiations to star in ABC’s Pan Am, a period drama set in the skies during the 60’s.

Now, I’m actually excited about this show. The premise and setting is promising and Ricci is decent enough to initially carry the show. An airline is a fantastic place for a TV show, especially since it seems the cast will be spending a lot of time in the air. The 60’s will provide the smoldering sex appeal and harassment issues raised in Mad Men and it should work well considering that stewardesses were basically Hooters girls back in the day (Catch Me If You Can was a documentary, right?).

Side note/question: is Christina Ricci hot? Not attractive; she’s definitely attractive, but hot? I’m not sure. I find her strangely attractive like a really good looking alien. And it’s not even her forehead, it’s her jawline: so defined it’s like her head was poorly photoshopped onto her shoulders. Not that I would turn her down. I’m just preparing in case she does offer herself to me. Hey, you never know. You have to have a plan for these things. Because if you don’t you’ll be caught with your pants down and…actually, never mind.

Source: Hollywood Reporter