Create Your Own Adventure: ‘Revenge’


ALTYou’ve always watched your favorite soapy dramas and waited for the show’s writers to surprise you with twists and turns and triumphs and ‘tastrophes (sorry, needed another T word). But what if you got to call all the shots? What kind of show would you make it? How would you resolve the make-ups and break-ups and blow ups? Well, now you finally get a chance.

We know you love Revenge and can’t wait for Sept. 30 to find out how the loose ends from the end of Season 1 are tied up. Today you can play along with our little game and we’ll walk you through just what is going to happen. Read the passage below and click on the link that you prefer and follow the story until the end. You’ll be thinking us later.


Victoria Grayson, in her ever-icy splendor, walks up the steps onto a private plane that is about to fly her and her best frenemy Lydia to Washington D.C. to tell the FBI about all the illegal shenanigans that are going on at Grayson Global and about the cover-up that framed Amanda’s father. (Note: For the sake of this adventure, Amanda refers to the real Amanda Clark, not the homicidal stripper Emily Thorn who is pretending to be Amanda Clark.) The White Haired Man creeps under the plane and does something dastardly, like a mustachioed villain tying a damsel to the train track.

Later we discover that the plane has blown up en route to Washington and someone is certainly dead. Could Victoria and Lydia be among the rubble?