CW May Replace ‘Smallville’ With DC’s The Raven

tom wellingAs you Superman fans (and fans of Tom Welling’s boyish good looks) know, 2011 will mark the last season of the CW’s superhero back story drama, Smallville. With that in mind, the CW is looking to find another superhero to take the famous spandex-clad hunk’s spot in the line-up. Rumors have been flying about what might replace the beloved show, but now we may have an answer. The network has started developing a show with Diego Guitierrez (Without A Trace, V) for DC’s The Raven as a potential pilot to take over when Smallville leaves us.

The Raven, or Rachel Roth, isn’t exactly a well-known American hero like Superman. While she may be part of a more well known clan – Teen Titans – she doesn’t really have the draw for those who aren’t already intimately familiar with the character. While not everyone who tuned into Smallville got hooked because they know every detail of the Superman saga, they knew enough about him – he’ s from another planet, raised by nice Midwestern foster parents, kryptonite is his weakness, and he can fly and oh yes, he’s the man of steel. Here’s what I, as a regular, passive superhero fan can tell you about the Raven: I’m pretty sure she can feel others’ emotions, she can teleport, and she wears a lot of purple.

I’m not saying The Raven isn’t completely interesting – she can send her “soul self” out and about to listen and spy at remote locations and the ghostly presence can actually do some serious damage, which is pretty awesome. I am, however, simply stating that choosing a lesser-known superhero to base a teen television drama off of is tricky business. I don’t know that The Raven won’t catch on, but it will be a much more difficult task.

Source: AV Club