The 5 Best David Tennant Moments in “Day of the Doctor”

David Tennant, Doctor WhoBBC

It’s been almost four years since he last donned the Tenth Doctor’s tight pinstripes, but David Tennant didn’t miss a beat when he returned to Doctor Who in the 50th Anniversary special. Every actor who’s played the face-changing Time Lord has left a legacy on the series, but there’s no denying that Tennant is a fan favorite. From classic catchphrases to bro-ing out with Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, here are our favorite David moments from “Day of the Doctor.”

1. So much for the “Virgin Queen.”

And we finally know why Elizabeth I is so upset with the Doctor in their subsequent run-ins. He married her, told her he’d “be right back,” and then took off in the TARDIS.  We love you, Ten, but we’ve got to side with the Queen on this one.

2. Experimenting with new fashions.

David Tennant puts on fez; entire fandom collectively breathes into paper bag.

3. Charming Clara

Ten obviously approves of Eleven’s taste in companions, and he can’t resist laying on a little game.

4. Breaking our hearts all over again

Because it wouldn’t be Doctor Who without a little pain and suffering, the script had Tennant repeating his famous final line.  Also, an honorable mention for his gut-wrenching reaction when he heard the words “bad wolf.”

5. Being adorable with Matt Smith

The entire 50th could have been just Ten and Eleven making fun of each other and we would have been more than okay with it.