David Tennant Voted Britain’s Favourite Doctor

David Tennant, Doctor WhoBBC

In a vote by Britain’s RadioTimes.com, David Tennant one the honor of the most popular doctor, capturing 56% of the vote. His long-time companion Rose (Billie Piper) was fittingly voted the best companion.

This vote suggests a nostalgia for a Doctor Who that was not so long ago. Tennant was the Doctor from 2005 to 2010, and he preceded an era in which the sci-fi show has wavered. Under Steven Moffat‘s writing, Matt Smith‘s doctor, and the memorable companionship of Rory and Amy Pond, Doctor Who has had some great moments, but its most recent episodes have been among the show’s weakest. Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman), the current companion, only managed a ninth place finish, and the last season has seemed to be a long string of unremarkable and uncohesive episodes. Perhaps, as RadioTimes.com editor Tim Glandfield said, the appearance of Tennant and Piper in the 50th anniversary special is a much needed return. 

“It’s clear from the results of our poll that they define a golden era of Doctor Who and helped introduce a whole new generation to the show – how fitting that they’ll be reunited next week for the 50th anniversary special.”