Dear ‘Elementary’: Do NOT Pair Up Holmes and Watson


At the end of the second episode of this season of Elementary, detective Sherlock Holmes was talking to his partner/trainee, Joan Watson, about the death of a former patient of hers. He then offered to accompany her to the grave site the next time she went. There was a pause as they both looked at each other and then she said she would like that. My immediate reaction was, “Oh, they are NOT going there already, are they?”

I know that every show thinks there has to be some sexual tension to grab viewers, but forcing that would make this one jump the shark way too quickly. We want to see the intellectual sides of the two characters, where they both learn from each other. Jonny Lee Miller plays Holmes as an aloof, detached sort, caring only about the problem in front of him. He came a bit out of his shell earlier in the episode, asking Watson if she was going to pursue a particular avenue involving loaning money to the son of her dead patient. He then advanced her more than she asked for, but seemed content to let her choose her own course of action despite expressing earlier reservations.

The other thing is (avoid this if you have not seen the first season) that Holmes should be very wary of love after finding that the woman that he had been grieving all those years had turned out to be his greatest adversary, Moriarty. Having him fall for Watson and vice versa would make no sense. Then again, I’m not a scriptwriter.

The last thing that we need is for the show to suddenly devolve to sudden sideways glances while the two are investigating something or having their hands suddenly touch when reaching for a particular clue. I know, there’s always a subset of people who want to ‘ship’ two characters on a show. There’s those who waited forever to see Rick Castle and Kate Beckett get together on Castle. The phenomenon first came into play on Supernatural when Sam Winchester told his brother Dean during an episode when the characters went out into the ‘real world’ that people on internet boards wanted to pair those two together. “But…but…we’re brothers!” Dean spluttered. Sam’s only answer was a shrug.

Elementary just seems to work better with its present equation and I think that even nudging it into ‘shipping’ territory would be a grievous mistake, The ghost of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is probably nodding his head at this. It’s elementary, really.

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