E! Gives Lara Flynn Boyle A Reality Show

Lara Flynn BoyleWe can always depend on E! to show us the latest celebrity gossip, disseminate unlimited bitchy quips about wardrobe choices, and, most importantly, give us a look at the lives of celebrities we don’t really care about.

Think about it; did anyone really need to know what Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends or Khloe Kardashian or Giuliana Rancic (an E! News reporter got a reality show, really?) or washed up actress Denise Richards was doing before E! threw together a few cameras and created a bunch of shows that forced us to find out? The answer is no, we didn’t.

Apparently, this formula is working well for the network because they just ordered a reality show that’s set to follow actress Lara Flynn Boyle’s current state of affairs. The show will follow Flynn Boyle (who hasn’t done anything of great significance since a stint on Showtime’s short-lived Huff) as she commutes back and forth between her home in Texas with her real estate investor husband and “career” in L.A. Yawn. It sounds about as exciting as a show about a tanning salon (oh wait, they did that too).

I’m not sure what possessed the channel to select the former star of The Practice as the next falling star to chronicle, but maybe, just maybe she’s secretly wacky or has some wildly interesting cohorts. Even so, unless she’s got some Osbournes style family insanity, moonlights as a Playmate, or has a Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown level of (disgusting) intimacy with that husband of hers, I’ve got my money on the show being a total snoozefest.

Source: Deadline