‘Ellen’ Will Host Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Centerfold Reveal

Lindsay Lohan Playboy CoverThis doesn’t really make much sense, but Lindsay Lohan’s rep confirmed to the NY Post that the actress/jailbird/work-in-progress will indeed stop by Ellen to reveal a first look at her Playboy centerfold.

Go ahead, check the date. It’s not April 1, this is not a joke. As her first media appearance, after she violated her parole and served a jail sentence that lasted just a few minutes longer than an 8-episode marathon of Two and a Half Men, Lilo is revealing nude photographs to the woman who just senttwo little princesses to the AMAs to be aborable and innocent amongst the Katy Perrys and John Legends of the world. And she’ve giving an interview about reportedly being paid $1 million dollars for the photos, and violating parole, and her drug use, or any other smattering of subjects from her Jackson Pollockesque collection of past discretions. Did I mention this all going down on Daytime TV?

I’m not even sure how this is going to work. Ellen Degeneres loves to stir things up and ask uncomfortable questions because she’s like Hollywood’s awesome, understanding aunt and she can get away with it. Plus, last time Lilo stopped by the show, Degeneres gave Lohan a chance to defend herself and her the rumors about her behavior and if we’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that Lohan’s many actions speak way louder than her defensive words. Still, we can bet that Degeneres will take her usually, uncannily understanding stance and let Lohan speak her peace before offering the former starlet some sisterly advice instead of grilling her – which is exactly what the rest of us want to do. And that’s probably why, as odd as it sounds, we’ll find this interview on Ellen and not a Barbara Walters special where it really belongs.

Source: NY Post