Elmo Ate The President’s Face: Late Last Night

How adorable is this? Here’s Elmo being all snotty and bratty to Jimmy Fallon. It’s so cute I want to eat it all up. But that would probably give me indigestion.

Then on Conan, Steve Martin showed that despite focusing primarily on the banjo and his bluegrass music he is still one of the funniest people around.

This is all fun and games, but lets get serious for a second with Rachel Maddow on The Daily Show. She gives us some good behind-the-scenes points about the news after Osama Bin Laden’s death and it is kind of crazy that people would think his death is a distraction from the birth certificate debate. Crazy, crazy people.

Okay, back to the fun stuff! Ty Burrell is one of the best parts of Modern Family. Scratch that, he is the second best part next to Sofia Vergara running. But that didn’t stop him from getting fired at Wendy’s as he told David Letterman.

And Jets coach Rex Ryan was on The Colbert Report. I know we don’t talk about sports too much around here but I love Rex Ryan. He’s easily the most entertaining coach in sports. And you just know, this guy would have an immediate answer if you asked where you could find a good hot dog.