‘Episodes’ Season 2 Starts With Everything Asunder – FULL EPISODE

Showtime, Episodes with Matt LeBlancShowtime’s Episodes aims to unwrap the strange Tinseltown traditions of repurposing British television for American audiences, mind-bogglingly high ratings for utterly terrible sitcoms, and of course, an old sitcom star trying to regain his old glory. (Hi there, Matt LeBlanc!) And while those topics may have us running for the Hollywood Hills in reality, in scripted form, the series keeps us locked in tighter than afternoon gridlock on the 405. 

Season 2 premieres on July 1, and we’ll find Matt in the aftermath of his fling with Beverly and his relationship with Sean in tatters. Sean and Beverly are living apart, and it seems Sean may have another love interest on the horizon. However, it seems they’ll all be stuck working together, because while critics universally panned their new series Pucks!, audiences are flocking to the series like moths to Charlie Sheen in a Hawaiian shirt.
Watch the full episode here and let us know what you think of the season opener!

[Image: Showtime]