Exclusive: Joe Anderson Explains ‘The River’, His Character and What It Might All Be About

All the buzz and questions swirling around the past few weeks have centered on what exactly is this new show The River on ABC? Last night, we all got a taste and the two-hour premiere was way more enlightening that the 10-second, ambiguous promos we had seen before it aired. So, what’s the deal? Dr. Emmet Cole, a famous wildlife expert a la Steve Irwin, has gone missing after his show ‘The Undiscovered Country’ ran for more than two decades. Now, his wife Tess and son Lincoln, played by Joe Anderson, are off to the Amazon to find Dr. Cole and his crew. That’s the skinny of it but after talking with Anderson about his role, I found that the story is way more complex than that. Last night was just a taste of the craziness to come and Joe gave us his opinions on the comparisons to Lost, how viewers will see the found footage and filming in some ultra creepy abandoned hospitals during the shoot.

We always want to get your take. What did you think of the premiere last night? Will this be another phenomenon like Lost? Will you tune in next week? Let us know with some comments below and find me on Twitter @TheRealRothman.The River airs 9 p.m. EST Tuesdays on ABC.

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