‘Family Guy’ Recap: Disgruntled Friends And Half Dog-Half Humans Need To Reconnect

Family GuyFox Broadcasting Co.

It’s nice that Family Guy has Brian back. But one of his least likeable qualities is his insistence that he’s a damn writer. Really, Family Guy, it’s infuriating to anybody who has authored a screenplay, written a book or produced a byline. We see Brian at “work” at the beginning of the episode. Brian’s writing is lazy and halfhearted.

And it gets rewarded in him getting a job on a TV show. He finds out that his son, Dylan Flannigan (a human who has no dog qualities whatsoever), stars on a Disney TV show called Parent Boppers. Brian schmoozes his way to a job on the writing staff. While there, he suggests insane ideas which eventually get him fired. Why couldn’t he just bask in the nepotism? No, he had to try to grow a brain. Good one, Brian.

Peter, Quagmire and Joe’s friendship gets tested after Peter foolishly shoots Quagmire in the arm. Joe must choose which friend to side with. The right choice is Quagmire – Joe doesn’t want to hang with the mentally unstable fat man. Peter becomes desperate for companionship so he offers to let Quagmire shoot him in the arm. Bullet for a bullet, right? Joe shoots Peter in the arm because Peter and Quagmire can’t even figure out how to do that correctly. Quagmire still seeks justice and he gets it: he takes a shot at Peter’s head.

Brian is so distraught at losing his job (and his son’s trust) that he turns to Rite Aid brand whiskey. What happened, Ralph’s brand beer wasn’t around? Stewie helps convey a message to Dylan, who still bears no canine features, that Brian is sorry. The diabolical baby gets an acting gig on the show to deliver the message, which ends in Brian and Dylan hugging it out. Aw. Oh, Peter ends up with a massive bandage and some seriously slurred speech thanks to the gunshot wound.