Five Reasons We’re Happy ‘Conan’ Is Renewed Through 2014

ConanIt is a bright day for members of Team Coco: TBS has announced that Conan O’Brien’s talk show Conan has been renewed to air through 2014. Some fans of O’Brien and his offbeat brand of programming have been worried about the fate of the show, due to its low ratings in recent months. However, the TBS network has thankfully decided to extend O’Brien’s stay—giving the viewing public plenty of things to celebrate. And thus: The Five Reasons We’re Happy Conan Is Renewed Through 2014.

Audience Humiliation

No talk show host—not Leno, Letterman or even that wily Jimmy Fallon—has as much fun with his live studio audience than Conan O’Brien does. At least once an episode, O’Brien will call out a member of the audience with whom he finds something not quite right. Whether it be the attendee’s attire, facial expressions or enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for the show, O’Brien always manages to make fun of somebody in the audience. And more often than not, it’s hilarious.

Nerd Appreciation

Nobody in late night appreciates nerds like O’Brien does. And this is simply because he belongs to the class in question. The Conan host regularly celebrates his fellow nerds on the show – 

even if it comes with a hint of mockery. All in all, Conan is the talk show to which geeks can turn to see the late night world of Hollywood through a familiar lens:

Jack McBrayer

Jack McBrayer has earned national acclaim for his lovable 30 Rock character, Kenneth the Page. But not everybody knows that McBrayer actually started out as a real-life page on the NBC show Late Night with Conan O’Brien. McBrayer constantly shows up as a featured guest—or sometimes, just a surprise pop-in—on Conan, often earning a great deal of teasing from his former boss for his perpetual smile and his old Southern charm. It’s always a delight when McBrayer stops by—few guest appearances on any late night show top his on Conan.


Recently, Conan started this recurring bit where it replaces hosts Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter, and any other celebrity that the show deems relevant, with adorable puppies. No explanation necessary on why this is awesome:

A Complete Lack of Shame

No matter what he’s doing, Conan O’Brien always does it full force. Whether he’s flailing around onstage, making intentionally offensive Jeremy Lin advertisements, dressing up in idiotic costumes, or engaging in overt sexual harassment of his guests, Conan O’Brien is truly and shamelessly dedicated to comedy. And this reason, above all others, is why we couldn’t be happier to hear that he’ll be on TBS for years to come.

Watch Conan weeknights at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.