Fran Drescher Gets A Talk Show

fran drescherYou mean you sent in your tax forms months ago and you still haven’t been contacted about starting your own show? That’s atrocious! What a puppy mill of an injustice! My only recommendation would be to talk to Fran Drescher, who just received the show that was probably meant for you.

TV production company Debmar-Mercury, who’s responsible for the Wendy Williams Show, has Fran set to begin its test run when it starts shooting in Los Angeles and is aired on the Fox stations in L.A., New York, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Orlando and Phoenix on November 26th. If the show manages to bring smiles to the people who get some of the most severe weather in the country like it, Debmar-Mercury will start working on adding some Fran to everyone’s flan.

New York Magazine describes it as being a “chat fest,” which means she went into someone’s office and said, “here’s what I think isn’t getting talked about enough as it should.” But what is it that she thinks we’re not discussing? Oprah’s been discussing all the ways a husband can disfigure his wife for almost 25 years, and Martha Stewart’s been talking about making lampshades from old t-shirts for at least five! What is it that Fran thinks isn’t getting enough airtime?

Source: NYMag