‘Game of Thrones’ Seizes Record Ratings, ‘Walking Dead’ Loses to ‘The Bible’

Game of Thrones

This past Sunday night offered a varied banquet of fantastical worlds — whether your tastes led you to magical Medieval kingdoms, zombie-infested apocalyptic wastelands, or the epic worlds of the Bible, there was someplace looking to sate your hungers. Of course, certain cravings were more abundant than others: the third season premiere for HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones debuted Sunday at 9 PM, earning its highest turn of viewers yet at 4.4 million. For HBO, this is an exemplary intake.

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At the same time, cable stations churned out a pair of finales that proved to be even more satisfying meals: AMC aired its Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead to a viewership of 12.29 million, losing by a crumb to History’s consistently high-rated The Bible mini-series finale, which landed 12.33 million.

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So upon which majestic realm did you feast? Did you get your Sunday 9 PM fix from dragons, walkers, or the Old Testament?

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