‘Glee’ Adds ‘Saturday Night Fever’ To Growing List of Theme Episodes

Glee Mr. SchueDoes anyone else recall the first few episodes of Glee, in which Rachel Berry and crew berate Mr. Schue for forcing them to do the hits of the 70s instead of contemporary music? Of course, to be fair, they did charm us the most with their rousing rendition of America’s favorite Karaoke song, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The 80s triumph aside, Glee seems to be determined to go against that Season One attitude again and again…and again and again. Creator Ryan Murphy just announced that in addition to the Michael Jackson tribute episode, the series will tackle another theme: Saturday Night Fever. (Because Murphy and crew apparently love the 70s more than a VH1 clip show about the 70s does.)

In April, Glee will dedicate an episode to the Bee Gees soundtrack for the classic John Travolta film, which still holds a spot as one of the top selling albums of all time. While Murphy spoke of a potential Travolta cameo to go along with the Saturday Night Fever theme, it’s not enough to distract some of us avid (and lately disappointed) Glee fans from Murphy’s promises of simplicity and going “back to basics” this season. The series is supposed to be focusing on a few key stories and the themes and cameos were purported to be placed at a minimum. As we roll into the second half of Season Three, it seems that all those ideas are thrown to the wind. Sure, the Saturday Night Fever episode will be fun – but just like every theme episode, it will undoubtedly rush through the all-too-complicated storyline and leave us entertained, albeit disoriented and confused. Kind of like eating a whole plate of french fries for dinner; it makes you happy, but you’re left with a stomach ache wondering “Where’s the beef?”

Source: Vulture