Glee Intel: Kurt and Blaine at Prom, Gwyneth Coming Back for More?

Glee FoxAs with many of our other favorite shows, the folks at Glee gave up quite a few scooplets at their PaleyFest panel. In the mix are details about the show’s latest romance between Kurt and Blaine, the future of Finchel, the return of Gwyneth and a few other juicy news bits.

First up, the couple of the hour: Kurt and Blaine. We Gleeks were overjoyed to see them finally kiss (and with a great kiss at that), even if some us were hoping they’d drag the angst and hoping and pining out a bit longer — maybe make Blaine suffer a bit like Kurt did. Now, it seems we’ll be seeing more of the cutesy couple in the future, though the Warblers’ choral season is over. Blaine and Kurt will attempt to go to Prom together (yay, there will be a Prom episode — you know you’re excited) but of course, just as intolerance has screwed things up for gay and lesbian students time and again, the happy couple will face the prejudices of their Lima, Ohio community. I do grow tired of Ryan Murphy’s insistence on furthering his agenda with a seeming disregard for quality of plot, but I actually like that he’s taking the show to this place. I just hope he and his crew handle the issue with care instead of glossing over it like they did Blaine’s bi-sexual crisis.

We also found that Kurt will soon be transferring back to William McKinley High, something that I think we saw a glimpse of when he was burying Pavoratti after the Warblers’ loss at regionals. While this will put some distance between him and Blaine, Murphy hints that Blaine will try out for New Directions in Season 3. Come on, it makes sense. The attempt at following two different teams has been a clunky, awkward road for Glee this season and they need to fix that without losing an audience favorite.

We can also look forward to more yearning and drama from Rachel and Finn…and Quinn for the rest of season 2. Does it bother anyone else that people with rhyming names keep ending up dating. It’s annoying. Anyway, Murphy contends that the show is more interesting with Rachel and Finn apart and that’s true. It’s like the old Ross and Rachel or Sam and Diane standard; no one cares when the main dream couple is happy. The audience gets complacent. You need the heartbreak and the drama to keep the show moving. (Though personally, I think Blaine and Kurt are a better couple than Rachel and Finn.)

Also on the slate for upcoming episodes is a love interest for Mercedes (other than the time Puck used her for her popularity), an entire episode devoted to Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” (and I swear, if they mess up that fantastic album I may be forced to quit watching), more of Gwyneth Paltrow (I guess that means she’s going to keep dating Schue), more about Santana’s struggle with her realization about her sexuality, and the return of Kristin Chenoweth’s April Rhodes.

As for the upcoming last few episodes of the season, we will see the return of Vocal Adrenaline and Charice. It’s about time, I was beginning to wonder why they even bothered with that whole storyline in the season premiere; we’ve departed so far from that place.

That’s about it for now, but I think a lot of these developments could be promising for the show, especially everything concerning Kurt and Blaine and as much as I’m over Gwyneth in the media, she really works on Glee and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

Source: TVLine