‘Glee’s’ Mike O’Malley Set to Star in ‘Family Album’

Mike O'Malley GleeMike O’Malley has won recognition in the form of an Emmy nomination for portraying Kurt Hummel’s father who’s struggling to learn how to properly support his son in a town that’s low on acceptance of lifestyles unlike their own on Fox’s Glee. Now, it looks like that recognition is lending itself to other offers. While O’Malley is just a recurring cast member on Glee, his latest venture allows him to take on a starring role in the Fox pilot, Family Album. He settled on the role of an overenthusiastic jock whose experience on a family vacation convinces him to “bond the crap out of his family.” Hmm, sounds a lot like Burt Hummel.

O’Malley’s actually hotter in Hollywood than you might have guessed. He fielded two pilot offers, one from NBC and the other from Fox for Family Album, and he’s co-starring in this month’s Cedar Rapids AND he just wrote an episode of Shameless for Showtime. He’s actually quite a busy dude and he’s about to get a lot busier.

Luckily for Glee fans, O’Malley’s new contract is formed to allow for him to continue his story arc on the hit show so Kurt Hummel will not go fatherless. Whew.

Source: Deadline