‘Hawaii Five-0’ Recap: Ha’i’ole


Hawaii Five-0 Terry OQuinn Season PremiereS2E1: Last season’s finale of Hawaii Five-0 dropped some major bombshells, but they pale in comparison to one in Monday night’s season 2 premiere.

Things started off conventionally and predictably enough: One week after the utter mayhem at the Governor Jameson’s mansion, McGarrett is in jail for what appeared to be his role in the murder; Danny is an unemployed civilian; Kelly has been promoted to lieutenant; and Kono has been suspended.

We know McGarett will break out, but how? He answers that question in short order, but it takes a shanking — and not the pulling-down-the-pants variety — from a fellow inmate of whom he’s not so fond (for good reason).

After he escapes the ensuing ambulance, Hawaii Five-0 temporarily becomes The Fugitive, followed by the entire now-defunct Five-0 task force trying to prove McGarett’s innocence and Wo Fat’s guilt. Eventually, in the form of a hidden-cam-footage tape, at least the former comes true, and the gang is back together at long last.

All seems well, and then … the aforementioned bomb droppage: (SPOILER ALERT!) Wo Fat, posing a corrections officer, kills the prisoner who stabbed McGarrett earlier and who might’ve known critical information about his father. And who’s waiting for Wo Fat in his getaway car? Jenna Kaye. Dun-dun-dun. Book THEM, Danno! If you can …


1. That ending!!

2. The montage that opens the show, featuring Lost alum Terry O’Quinn (playing John McGarrett’s former Navy SEAL buddy, here to help!).

3. This quote from the guy mentioned above: “We served together. He saved my ass more times than Id like to remember. I’m here to return the favor.”

4. Kono, locked in the trunk of a car after snapping highly classified photos, jumps out like Ken Jeong in The Hangover, but with a little more a little more badassery.

5. This quote from the always comic relief-y Dr. Bergman: “Actually, Yoda technically didnt have telepathic powers.”