New ‘Hemlock Grove’ Trailer: Sex, Blood, Maggots, and Did We Mention Sex?

Credit: Netflix

Don’t let this SFW image fool you. We just put that there so your boss won’t wonder what you’re trying to pull at the office. The new trailer for Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove is absolutely NSFW, so wait until the bossman (or bosslady) heads out for a coffee break, alright? This thing spends half of its time trying to convince you its raunchier than True Blood  (it’s even got its own Skarsgard, Bill, brother of True Blood’s Alexander, or “Eric”), and the rest of the time trying to see just how many bodily fluids and bones they can show you before you need to step outside for some fresh air. 

Of course, you kind of have to expect that when you’re dealing with werewolves, things are going to get a little more grotesque: that mythology has always been a little less about sexuality and a little more about rage. If vampires are the sexy warriors of the supernatural world, werewolves are the Hulk. But despite images of jaw bones breaking through the skin of one man’s face, maggots crawling all over a dead body, vomit (just regular old vomit, thank God), and that unsettling lumpy, empty-eyed baby head at the 1:30 mark, the rest of the trailer is sex, girl-on-girl sex, and more super naked, bumping uglies till the werewolves come out s-e-x. So it all balances out, I suppose.

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