‘House’s’ Lisa Edelstein Joins ‘The Good Wife’

Lisa EdelsteinHouse fans, I know you’re probably not happy that the prospect of Cuddy is done for (although after that season finale, I doubt anyone would suspect there’s hope for a reunion), but it’s time for Huddy (Lisa Edelstein) to move on. And she’s moving right onto another show, the critically acclaimed drama, The Good Wife. That’s gotta sting, House. It’s like seeing your ex-girlfriend move on to a sultry hot guy in a band just mere weeks after your breakup. Life is rough.

But onto the really important things. Edelstein will board a multi-episode arc that finds her character as “a lawyer and born poker player whose sexiness is enhanced by her obvious intelligence.” I would have reworded that myself, but that whole bit about the sexiness is too hilarious as-is. Apparently, her character will also be from Will’s (Josh Charles) past.

Okay, hold the phone. She’s sexy, plays poker, and knows Will? I smell an upset here. Come on, you knew that steamy rendevous between Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will wasn’t a recipe for happily ever after. This is television, folks! And on television, we don’t get truly happy endings for high-profile couples until the show is on its way out or until the writers give up. So, let us go onward into the tumultuous, drama-filled future.

Source: TVLine