How Jon Hamm’s Role As a Talking Toilet Can Make Him a Comedy Star

Jon Hamm as a toiletJon Hamm is a funny, funny man. We know this. We all know this. We love this. And yet, Hamm is relegated to the land of the eternal guest star/supporting character. When will he get to be the comedic lead? And more importantly, why isn’t he one already?

Well, if you ask Rob Corddry, who worked with Hamm on an upcoming episode of Childrens Hospital, he’s just too damn pretty. “He’s cursed with this Adonis, manly thing,” he tells Sure, he says he’s not “traditionally” handsome and he almost didn’t get his role on Mad Men because he wasn’t handsome enough, but we know better. Hamm’s a handsome man. Well, enter Hamm’s upcoming guest role on Fox’s series Bob’s Burgers, in which he plays a talking toilet. Yep. A waste receptacle with the ability to speak.

“It’s a kind of E.T. homage, but instead of an alien, it’s this high-end talking electronic toilet that falls off a truck and lands in the woods,” series creator Loren Bouchard tells EW. Sure, that will do it. If Hamm is just too darn pretty to Jim Carrey his way into a leading, comedic role, perhaps stripping all elements of his manly beauty away will be the trick to painting him as the strictly funny man he truly is. And really, the only way to accomplish this is to go whole hog. (Get it? Because he’s Hamm? I went to college, I swear.)

Of course, only Hamm would want to separate himself from his Don Draper status. Men everywhere are slapping their foreheads right about now.

Do you think Hamm is too really, ridiculously good-looking to be a comedy lead?
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