Huell Howser Dies at Age 67: Why We’ll Dearly Miss the ‘California’s Gold’ Host

RIP Huell Howser

Golly, it’s a sad day for fans of Huell Howser, the most genuine, joyful TV host in the history of travel shows. Best known for his show California’s Gold, which was based out of L.A., Howser is beloved by fans for his true interest in every little thing he encountered in his travels. Sadly, he passed away Monday at the age of 67 due to natural causes, according to KCET-TV in Los Angeles. He was nothing short of a super swell guy.

To honor Howser, and bring newcomers into his world of wonder, we’ve gathered some of his best clips over the years, which also qualify as reasons to love the guy.

He showed us the best dogs.

This dog loves avocado. Really. He just l-o-v-e-s it.

He taught us how to properly order off the secret menu at In-and-Out.

Take that, Starbucks baristas and your fruity pebble-flavored Frappuccinos.

He genuinely appreciated every experience, especially (not really) meeting this giant lizard.

Like you could keep your cool around a lizard this magnificent (and sizable).

He believed in Brandon on Beverly Hills 90210

That hair! Those puppy dog eyes! How could Howser resist?

He really knew how to put everything in perspective.

You don’t even need a visual of all that horse manure. Howser’s mystified description says it all.

What’s your favorite Huell Howser memory? Share it in the comments!

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[Photo Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images]


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