‘It’s Always Sunny’ Writers Developing Cartoon Starring Justin Long & Kristen Bell

Kristen BellImagine how bizarre, offensive, and psychotic It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be if it wasn’t bound by the confines of human capability. It’s a frightening but enticing thought. And now, we can revel in our fright and entice…ments: Rob Rosell, Scott Marder and David Hornsby are all writers and producers on It’s Always Sunny (and the latter also plays Rickety Cricket), and they are developing a new animated series for FX called Unsupervised. Furthermore, the series is set to star Justin Long and Kristen Bell. So… so far, so good!

The series will revolve around a pair of teenagers, Gary and Joel (not sure which one Kristen Bell is supposed to play…), “navigating the harsh landscape of teenage life and trying to do what’s right without any parental guidance whatsoever.” Long and Bell won’t be the only familiar names to lend voices to this series. We can also expect to hear from It’s Always Sunny‘s Kaitlin OlsonSNL‘s Fred Armisen, WeedsRomany Malco, and the Spy Kids series’ Alexa Vega.

FX’s standing adult-directed animated series, Archer, a huge winner. Despite the stigma against cartoons as being idiotic and childish, Archer is perhaps one of the most intelligent and clever programs on TV. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean Unsupervised will also reach this level… but considering the cast, the creators, and the network, I don’t think we need to rule out wishful thinking.

Source: AOLTV

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