Jane Lynch Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

jane lynchJane Lynch just got her waxed statue added to the Madam Tussaud’s museum in Hollywood, and so it’s only logical that the next step in her auspicious career is trading in a Saturday night cuddling with her new wife for a hosting gig on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Director Ryan Murphy confirmed her exciting October episode when he was at the premiere for his new movie, Eat Pray Love. “I notified her by accident,” he said. ” ‘Saturday Night Live’ called to say, ‘Would you give us Jane for a week in October?’ We don’t just do that, but for Lorne Michaels, I said yes.” When Murphy texted Lynch to alert her of her newfound hosting duties, she responded, “What are you talking about?” Surprises aren’t just for Christmas, Catholics!

However, a rep from ‘Saturday Night Live’ emailed MTV news and told them they “haven’t confirmed any hosts or musical guests yet.” Ugh. That’s like having your friend who’s having an affair with your teacher tell you that you got an A++++++ on a test, but when you confront the teacher about your kickass grade, he lies and says he hasn’t graded anything yet.

But, generally speaking, Lorne Michaels gets what Lorne Michaels wants. And since it appears that Jane Lynch does too, her as an ‘SNL’ host is probably about as unchanging as a child molester’s fate in prison.

Source: MTV News