Jeah? Ryan Lochte’s E! Reality Show Features Heavy Flirting, Feud With Michael Phelps

ALTThe moment Ryan Lochte gave his first semi-illiterate but uniquely thrilling interview during last summer’s Olympic Games, TV executive heads started to spin: When would they get this pool-peeing enthusiast man on TV, and how? Well, E! has finally found the answer: During a Television Critics Association press tour lunch on Monday, the network showed footage from its newest reality offering: What Would Ryan Lochte Do?.

What would Ryan Lochte do, you ask? Plenty. He would heavily hit on girls, tease a feud with fellow superstar Michael Phelps (cameras caught him saying “f*** Phelps” under his breath), address the one-night-stand fiasco, swim hungover, and cry. Oh yes — Lochte would cry. Because as the band Live once infamously told us, even the dolphins cry. (It’s in the air we breathe tonight! Love will lead us! She will lead us!)

WWRLD will premiere later this spring, but until then, you can always watch this video of Lochte maybe or maybe not peeing in a fountain with Joan Rivers. (Reminder: Terriers and Freaks and Geeks were canceled after one season.) Be sure to take a Phelps-sized bong-hit first, as anything Lochte related requires some sort of altered consciousness to be truly understood.

Reporting by Jean Bentley

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