Jenna Fischer Lets Out A Big ‘Office’ Spoiler

jenna fischerDon’t say I didn’t warn you…

Jenna Fischer’s real life pregnancy will come into play during The Office’s eighth season next year which means Jim and Pam are welcoming their second child! Fischer goes on to say that when Jim and Pam snuck off for a quick, champagne fueled romp in the stairwell in last year’s Valentine’s Day episode, things seemingly… stuck.

“When we started shooting that [Valentine’s Day] episode, I thought to myself, If everything goes well, this is going to be a very, very convenient coincidence.” she said to Vulture. She goes on to say that Michael Scott’s replacement has been picked but she can’t say who it is. Because she’s already given away half the plot of the opening season, after all.

Another pregnancy? At first I couldn’t believe they would try to rehash a plot line so soon but then I started thinking about it. A second child isn’t as fun as the first and two little ones running around is quite stressful. Perhaps this will create a little drama for Jim and Pam’s seemingly perfect relationship so far. I doubt it will lead to anything like a divorce but at least it will be like throwing a good size rock in a perfectly tranquil pond. A few ripples to stir things up because you can only look at a peaceful reflection of nature for so long. Wow, this turned into a Bob Ross painting way more than I hoped.

Source: Vulture