Jeremy Piven Producing Reality Series on Glassblowing

Jeremy PivenJeremy Piven might be done with Entourage, but he is clearly not ready to abandon involvement with television altogether. So, he’s been looking for a new project. Let’s see… what’s more, or at least just as interesting, as a Queens kid who becomes a famous actor and moves to Hollywood with his half-brother and two best friends, wherein they personify hedonism, debauchery and hijinks of all kinds? … How about glass? … Yes.

Piven’s production company, Luscious Mayhem, is developing a reality series called Blow (not like the drug) about the manufacturing of glass (not like the drug). The series will focus on Josh Cohen, a New Orleans-based glassblower, and his offbeat and eccentric colleagues and clients. For those unfamiliar with the trade, glassblowing is a method for creating glass items (bowls, vases, decorative items), for which Cohen has made quite a name and living.

The series, produced (alongside LM) by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment, is in the process of finding its home network.

Source: Deadline