Jessica Alba Developing Twitter Feed Sitcom For CBS

jessica albaDo you have a Twitter feed? OH, YOU DO? That’s magnificent news! Then I suggest you continue tweeting about the soggy pancakes you keep making and march right on over to CBS headquarters and demand a meeting with the Head of Programming because chances are, he’ll take your tweets and turn them into a show just like he did for Canadian mother of three, Kelly Oxford!

Kelly the Canadian began blogging in 1997 about a wide variety of things, like what would happen if David Sedaris drank her breast milk. And as technology advanced, she created a twitter feed to work alongside her blog. Kelly the Canadian’s musings on both venues caught the attention of Jessica Alba, who is now set to produce it as a sitcom for CBS called Mother of All Something. Not only will this show be CBS’ fourth twitter-inspired show, but it’s also full of ideas you wished you had written down instead of keeping to yourself because you thought they were unoriginal. These ideas include but are not limited to noticing how people in Wal-Mart don’t have ankles, how the iPad is just an expensive flashlight, and how people of Haiti don’t need a visit from Sarah Palin because they’ve already been punished enough.

Jhoni Marchinko of Will & Grace is in charge of the development of the pilot and is also executive producing. Kelly the Canadian will be supervising producer, and is represented by WME (which also represents Marchinko and Alba).

Why are you still here? Go tweet something. I thought the benefits of tweeting would be clear by now.

Source: Deadline