Jon Cryer Is Really A Troll: Late Last Night

So Jon Cryer made his latest television rant last night on Conan last night. Is it just me or have we heard enough of this guy? I mean, seriously, this is what — the second time he’s appeared on television talking about himself? What an egotistical bastard.

In all seriousness, this actually sucks. I know Cryer doesn’t want to offended his friend (I would imagine) so he can’t exactly lash out on the guy. He doesn’t want to seem like a jerk either which creates this delicate balance and the only thing he can do is something self-deprecating like this. But man, it’s boring. And not that funny. Kinda obvious too. Hey, kinda like Two and a Half Men. Heyo!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone came by The Daily Show to talk about their new musical The Book of Mormon (which you should totally see). It’s always interesting to see the voices behind South Park and Team America, but honestly it’s nice to have a footer with their names on it. I can never tell middle aged white men apart, they all look the same.

Two things from Colbert tonight. The first is his take on Newt Gingrich’s excuse for adultery. This clip isn’t particularly funny or anything (I mean, it’s funny, but not a classic) but I just need everyone to be aware of this lying hypocrite and what a douche he is. Enjoy!

The second clip find Colbert making his own PAC supporting someone who supports something stupid. It’s really, really, really sad that a comedy show has better journalistic credibility than actual news reporters. Seriously, CNN and Fox News’ coverage of this Japan earthquake is just atrocious.