Julia Roberts vs. Sally Field in Celebrity Curse-Off!

Julia Roberts and Sally Field, Celebrity Curse OffYouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Cover your children’s ears if you don’t want them to start using profanity!

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Hollywood legends Sally Field and Julia Roberts faced off in the first ever “Celebrity Curse-Off.” Basically a game of “HORSE” with curse words, the late night segment had each actress taking a turn to rattle off any piece of profanity that came to mind. 

Check out the video right here (it’s surprisingly SFW):

To recap: After a bit of confusing banter about the rules, the “Celebrity Curse-Off” started off not-so-innocently enough with a couple of basic curse words. However, Field dropped a big bomb with a particularly volatile choice (the C-word). That left Roberts flustered and giggling like a little kindergartener… one familiar with such profanity. Field kept the pressure up, while Roberts faltered to schoolyard staples like “butthole” and sexual euphemisms such as “tea bagging” and “rusty trombone.”

So in the first “Celebrity Curse-Off,” the Flying Nun took out the Pretty Woman. So what was Sally Field’s reward? Appropriately enough, a gigantic bar of soap to clean that potty mouth of hers!

Who do you think should be in the next “Celebrity Curse-Off?” Share your suggestions in the comments below. And please, keep it clean!

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