Julianne Moore to Star in HBO Series ‘Dope’

Julianne MooreI love Julianne Moore. And I love television. Not so keen on heroin, but I’m willing to see how this all plays out.

Moore is taking her talents to the deserving medium of dramatic television to star in an HBO series called Dope. The project is based off the eponymous novel by Sara Gran and follows Josephine Flannigan, former prostitute and heroin-user who cleans up her act and becomes a private eye. The novel’s plot covers the case of a girl whose own episodes with heroin have caused her to go missing, thus making Flannigan the perfect candidate to work the case (due to her experience in the world of drugs).

The series will be set in the late 1950s/early 1960s; the setting has always been a large part of the appeal of AMC’s Mad Men.

Despite my hesitation to consider this role “perfectly suited” for Moore, I do have incredible faith in her as an actress. Furthermore, Dope’s story and character are rife with value. As an added bonus, Sara Gran herself wrote the pilot. Todd Haynes (I’m Not There.) will direct the pilot and serve as producer.

Source: TV Line