Katie Holmes is a Slutty Pumpkin for ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Katie HolmesIt seems that Ted Mosby is for a few blasts from the past this season on How I Met Your Mother. First we saw (spoiler) his old flame Victoria drop by at the end of “The Naked Truth” on Sept. 19, and now it turns out the mysterious Slutty Pumpkin from Season One will not only return to be unmasked, but she’ll be played by none other than the pumkiniest actress we could think of: Katie Holmes? Wait, what? Let’s back up a bit and explain the Slutty Pumpkin for those rusty on the HIMYM backstory.

The Slutty Pumpkin is a character we learned about in Season One as a mysterious potential lady love who Ted met at a party and then lost track of. Many of us thought we’d never see the face behind the squash (or is it a gourd?), but this Halloween, we’ll finally see Holmes (hopefully in an embarrassingly round pumpkin costume). For those wary about Mrs. Tom Cruise showing up on their beloved HIMYM, creator Craig Thomas has full faith in the actress, telling Vulture, “Katie is a lovely and talented actress, which is why we’ve saved for her perhaps the most classily named character in our show’s history.”

It’s a story that took six seasons to reach, so it would only be fair that the pumpkin lady is played by somebody so well-known, but I’m pretty sure she’s way out of Ted’s league.

Source: Vulture