Late Night Last Night: Kim Kardashian ‘Put in an Application’ to Replace Jay Leno

Kim Kardashian on Leno

With Jay Leno’s looming unemployment a hot topic in the late night talk show industry, we’ve all assumed that Jimmy Fallon would be a shoe-in to replace the longtime Tonight Show host. But as nothing is set in stone just yet, there might be a few other candidates for the position: Kim Kardashian, for one.

At least as far as she’s concerned. Kardashian appeared as a guest of Leno’s on Thursday night to reveal that she “put in an application” for his job — the professional turn she hopes to take following the conclusion of her E! reality series.

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So what do you think? A Kardashian-run Tonight Show? With Kourtney and Khloe as her joint Ed McMahons (Ed McMehon?), and Kanye as band leader? There have been worse ideas… one or two, maybe.

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[Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC]

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