Kristin Chenoweth Complains On Twitter: Late Last Night

Surely you know about Twitter. Surely it comes up in several of your daily interactions with your coworkers, in sessions with your shrink, or maybe even when you’re talking to your mother. I bet she tweets like a maniac! Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, it’s in your life because of the great lingo that comes with it. The problem is, some of the words associated with Twitter sound like curse words that once are said, can never be taken back. Kristin Chenoweth told David Letterman about her experiences with Twitter last night, and she uttered quite the bad word. CBS may have cut the sound, but you can read her lips. (See? I got through that whole thing without cracking a joke about her helium voice? I’m such a pro sometimes.)

Nicolas Cage talked to Jimmy Fallon about an SNL skit he did back in yesteryear. Al Franken did not take kindly to him, which seems to have scarred Cage tremendously, as we can see from the color of his hair.

Jay Leno spoke to Jennifer Love Hewitt about being on the second cover (the one that actually appears inside the magazine because something happened that bumped her from the real cover) and about her history of appearing in unfortunate photos. Then they talked about their favorite foods to binge on.

Jay also talked to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice star Jay Baruchel about softball and kissing Jennifer Love Hewitt at the end of Tropic Thunder. His voice sounds kind of like Nic Cage, actually. I’ll pay you $10 if you close your eyes, listen to Baruchel and honestly disagree that he doesn’t sound like the Sorcerer to Cage’s Apprentice.