Larry King: ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent?

Larry KingWell, nothing is set yet, but The Daily Show has opened the conversation with Larry King about becoming a regular contributor to the show. So he wouldn’t be saddling up alongside Jon Oliver or Wyatt Cenac on a regular basis, but he could be added to the long list of contributors like Lewis Black and Kristen Schaal. Personally, I’ve never really thought of King as a comedian, but that’s not really stopping him. In addition to the discussion with the Comedy Central show, he’s headlining his own comedy tour this Spring.

While I’m sure this little addition to the Daily Show family would be great for ratings, I just don’t get it. You know why I like when Lewis Black shows up? Because he uses that loud, angry schtick to talk about things that really piss me off; and that’s funny. Do you know why I like when Kristen Schaal shows up? Because she’s adorable and so, so weird. So what’s Larry going to add to all this? That he interviewed La Toya Jackson and boy, was she strange? That he looks like a caricature of himself? That he’s got a pair of suspenders for every occasion? Sure, this is just the beginning; they’re only in talks for now, but at heart, The Daily Show is a comedy show about politics, not a political show that uses humor to sell its message. Stewart touts that distinction often and adding King might confuse that a bit unless he’s truly gone all-out comedian since leaving CNN.

Source: THR