Larry King Does Stand-Up: Late Last Night

If you didn’t know, Larry King does more than just say “expand on that” to famous people on CNN. In fact, he’s a stand-up comedian! And now that he’s retired, he’ll be going on tour. Catch a taste on The Tonight Show last night.

Jack Black lit his mouth on fire on The Late Show last night. He decided it’d be an awesome idea to bite into a habanero pepper, because, you know, that’s always a good idea.

Aaron Eckhart stopped by Conan to talk about the one thing that’s on everybody’s mind this holiday season: IS HE GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT BATMAN MOVIE OR WHAT? HOLY CHRIST WE NEED TO KNOW. And oh yeah, he’s going to be in a new movie called Rabbit Hole or something, but not as Two Face and there is no Caped Crusader, so, pass.

Jason Segel stopped by Late Night to talk about his three year writing process of the new Muppet movie, and most importantly, how he ended up weeping at their first table reading.