Lindsay Lohan Lost It on ‘SNL’: Late Last Night

This Saturday, Lindsay Lohan will be hosting Saturday Night Live for the fourth time. As good a host as she has been each of the three previous times, there are inevitably going to be skits where she hasn’t quite kept it together—all part of the experience. In celebration of her hosting gig, Lohan and Jimmy Fallon decided to look back one of these sketches: the very first “Debbie Downer,” which pretty much crumbled into incomprehensibility due to the entire cast laughing so much.

Jon Hamm: handsome, debonair, and extremely accident prone. You wouldn’t think working on a show like Mad Men would result in so many injuries, but Hamm has racked up quite a few over the course of his years playing Don Draper. And one of them was Peggy’s fault.

  The Megan Mullally/Nick Offerman household is undoubtedly the most amazing place on Earth. This is proven by the strange but sensation surprise party Offerman threw Mullally for her most recent birthday, which involved, of all things, actor Rob Huebel in a very compromising position between two Plushies.