‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Flipping the Bird

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This week’s episode of Lost Girl is pretty great… despite introducing one of the lamest Fae by far. An opera-singing bird Fae? Otherwise, things are heating up. Bo and Lauren’s trip to the Dark Side is having repercussions throughout The Fae Team. This episode is also chock full of love connections.

Ianka (Lara Jean Chorostecki), an opera singer with a love for feathered outfits, escapes her owner. She runs into Bo at the Dal and reminds her of a deal they struck. What’s confusing is how Bo had access to Ianka when she was on the Terror Train. Ianka is an Alcanist, a bird Fae, who feeds by singing. Her song can make people relive memories. It seems like decent pre-planning by Train Bo even if this is, as we’d like to reiterate, the lamest Fae by far.

Apparently, Ianka has been a slave of two rival Fae groups. But she did have time to have a romantic relationship with Hale. However, she’s fallen in love with Marcus, the rival of her original owner. She hopes to escape with him, but he betrays her in hopes of using her to create a massacre with, no lie, her death song. She ends up killing Marcus, and dies herself because she’s just so frail. But, before she dies, she gives Bo a song that can help her remember.

Meanwhile, in a much more interesting storyline, Lauren is packing to leave her Light Fae apartment. Evony the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) pops by to help… with pizza and beer. If that isn’t bizarre enough, she’s actually friendly. The two bond over Lauren’s love of Star Trek and over a pretty major gift. Evony gives Lauren some antique journals of famous scientists Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Charles Mayo. Does this mean Evony wants to be knocking Dark Fae boots with Lauren? They have a real connecting moment about their shared humanity. Then Lauren leans in and kisses her. But, Lauren pulls off some funky lip sticker that she used to capture Evony’s DNA. It’s bizarre to see the softer side of the Morrigan and a darker side of Lauren.

Bo is reconnecting with Dyson. But, apparently, now that she is Dark they cannot fraternize. That doesn’t stop them from having pretty kinky foreplay in the storeroom. In other news, Kenzi and Hale finally connect. It looks like everyone is pairing up. But will all of these couples survive the season?

Bo uses her gift from Ianka to jog her memory. She has a flashback and realizes she was marked with some crazy handprint by The Wanderer. She decides to get over her issues by getting freaky with Dyson. However, their romantic rendezvous is cut short when Bo’s mark returns. Then the Una Mens bust in to detain Dyson.

Despite a pretty mediocre storyline, a lot of major things happen this episode. Bo and Dyson can’t officially date so now they have to be together. Kenzi and Hale finally start dating. Lauren and the Morrigan have a romantic moment but now Lauren has major leverage over the Dark Fae. Does this mean she will become head of the Dark Fae?

SuccuBest Lines of the Episode

“When Liza Fae-nelli wakes up, let me know.” –Bo

“You would have killed at Studio 54. Just like I killed the bus boy who served me tonic instead of soda.” –Evony

“Oh mother of Metallica, this hurts.” –Kenzi

“You are Team Dark now… I can taste it.” –Evony to Lauren