Ken Cosgrove’s ‘Mad Men’ Jig Gets a Daft Punk Mash-Up Assist

 Credit: AMC

Dance, Ken Cosgrove, dance! Mad Men‘s May 19 episode, “The Crash,” was a drug-fueled fantasia about overcoming grief and heartbreak with a complex of B Vitamins and “mild stimulants.” It caused Don Draper to hallucinate about his past and Harry Hamlin’s Jim Cutler to race around the office like a crazy person. But above all it, teased out Ken Cosgrove’s love of dance. So much for those Atlantic Monthly short-story ambitions. His feet have got to fly!

Trippin’ and jiggin’, Kenny put into dance his thoughts on how they were totally going to nail their pitch to Chevy. And now an intrepid YouTube mash-up has the account executive dancing to “Doin’ it Right,” Daft Punk’s Collaboration with Panda Bear off their new album, Random Access Memories. Um, why not set this to “Lose Yourself to Dance”?

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