Matthew Morrison To Sing His Own Song on ‘Glee’ Finale

Glee Matthew MorrisonFox’s knack for shameless self-promotion continues on the May 24 season finale of Glee. Matthew Morrison’s Mr. Schue will sing Morrison’s real-life single, “Still Got Tonight” in the New York episode.

Of course, Morrison pitched this idea himself — big surprise there. Originally, the idea sparked another idea to present it as a big dance number, but someone talked some sense into Ryan Murphy, because now the song will be performed my Morrison alone on a stage in an empty theater. It looks like those Broadway dreams that Kristen Chenoweth’s April Rhodes awakened in Schue will play a big role in future episodes after all.

Murphy and even the Fox television chairman, Dana Walden, are insisting that they only allowed it because it worked “organically” for the series, but there’s not much that works “organically” for Glee, especially this season, the way they unnaturally burn through plot lines, but I guess we’ll wait to see how it fits into the episode itself.

Source: THR