Molly Shannon Brings Ex-Nun Comedy To HBO

Molly ShannonFor me, Molly Shannon is like a Christmas ham in that sure she’s funny (delicious) and technically I could eat Christmas ham all year (watch her all year), but that would ruin the specialness of both (hopefully the metaphor hasn’t been lost on you completely yet). Basically, I OD on Shannon a little too easily so she is best in moderation. Her manic energy is infectious but I don’t really want to be shrill and loud all the time. I like it calm, peaceful and witty sometimes. She has her time and place.

However, it seems HBO is bringing her back, and she’s bringing a habit along. HBO is currently developing a show around Shannon as a former nun who has to re-enter the real world after living in a convent since she was 18. She’s a mid-forties woman stuck with teenage views of the world that has to learn to grow up in a culture that holds very little in respect for her Catholic upbringing. Tim Long, a former writer and producer from The Simpsons, is writing and producing the series.

Of course this is getting compared to Shannon’s iconic SNL character Mary Katherine Gallagher: the exuberant Catholic school girl with a penchant for smelling her armpits and falling over backwards through walls. But this show will apparently focus more on her coming to terms with balancing religion and society, Catholicism, sexuality, and maturing at a later age. All in all, that sounds great to me. When Shannon shies away from the manic part of her acting, she’s not that bad (she stole Wet Hot American Summer). When she tends to focus on it, we get stuff like Kath and Kim. And this is a subject ripe for taking. Basically, don’t screw this up HBO. Which is generally good advice all around – don’t screw up! There. Solved everyone’s  problems.

Source: Deadline