More ‘Mad Men’ Almost On Its Way

Don Draper Mad Men Season 5It’s been torture knowing that one of the best shows on television, Mad Men, has been stuck in this limbo for months, keeping all future production at a total standstill and forcing our favorite faces to find other projects to keep them busy, like Christina Hendricks who just signed on for a Broadway production of Company. But I’m here to bring you good tidings; the men behind the beloved show are reaching an actual deal! And not just any deal, but a deal for two more seasons which means we won’t have to worry about this kind of business mess delaying anything for at least two more years, woo!

The problem is that with all the delays this debacle has pressed on the show, we won’t be getting our fix any time soon. Originally, the show would have premiered at its usual mid-summer starting point, but with all this mess that’s not exactly possible. Variety’s sources say they are confident that while we won’t get Mad Men when we’d hoped, 2011 will not be Don Draper-less. It’s looking more an more likely that we’ll see that handsome, suit-wearing mug before we see 2012, which is better news than many of us had hoped for.

Now that we can all breathe half a sigh of relief, I think I’m going to go take one of those three martini lunches that Roger Sterling always makes look so damn cool.

Source: Variety